BioRePeel Chemical Peel information

What is BioRePeel Chemical Peel?

BioRePeel is an extremely effective and pain-free TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel. It is an innovative, biphasic, patented medical device with a biostimulating, revitalising and peeling action. BioRePeel is an innovative, two-phase MEDICAL ONLY peel

Thanks to its exfoliating and keratolytic action, it promotes cell turnover by removing the outer corneal layer cells with selective action on corneocytes’ junction bonds.

BioRePeel can be used for the treatment of:
Prevention of skin ageing;
Prevention of fine wrinkles;
Wrinkle treatment;
Skin texture improvement;
Skin colour improvement;
Post acne injuries;
Large pores and blackheads.

How does it work?

The peel provides nourishment in the form of Amino Acids and vitamins. Using the TCA to create a chemical injury to the skin it helps to drive these ingredients deep into the dermis to feed the fibroblasts.

Feeding fibroblasts is vitally important. We need to feed them the correct nourishment in order to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and HA (hyaluronic acid) . If they are not fed properly they will be unable to do their job properly.

BIO: (Bio stimulation) this stimulates the fibroblasts activity and activates cutaneous proliferation. It achieves this by using the amino acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and vitamin C.
RE (Revitalisation) creates an anti-wrinkling effect and encourages the skin to look fresher, glowy and healthy. This effect is caused by the ingredients: GABA Arginine, Vitamin B2
PEEL removes the outer cells of the stratum corneum by melting the corneocytes adhesion bonds, revealing fresher, healthier and less congested skin.
LIPO Complex moisturises the skin so when the peel is removed it gives the skin a velvet texture.

There is no down time.